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    I am committed to a european culture in my technique, where the blow dry and finish work is equally, if not more important, than a cut and color, because this is what a client remembers when walking out the door. I don't believe it to be an afterthought as it is often found to be in many schools and salons today. During my 5 years spent working in Europe, and my 25 years in this amazing industry, I developed this system by blending all of the best into one solid, easy to learn, and effective technique. Each movement has a purpose, cutting down significantly on drying time, all while producing the best results. This technique will certainly strengthen your most seasoned stylist, but more importantly, will create solid skills and foundation for even your greenest of staff members. Some of the techniques that set this concept apart, are that only natural boar bristle brushes are used. This allows for smoothing of the cuticle...not force flattening and drying the cuticle, which is what happens when the popular metal brushes are used. With my technique, your clients will be left with a beautiful, bouncy, shiny, long lasting blow out with a more natural movement, as opposed to, admittedly straight, but limp and lifeless hair that you're left with when using a metal brush. I will show you how to spend more time actually styling the hair rather than just drying it, ensuring that the blow dry lasts! A current, most commonly used technique, is to start a blow dry from wet hair which almost always ensures a "not so dry" blowdry. The biggest complaint you hear about a bad blowdry is that it "didn't last" and was "still damp" when they left the salon. This WILL NOT happen with my technique. Lastly, my attention to detail is unparalleled. I give strong focus to the little differences that make an average blow dry into something fabulous. I take great pride in passing along all that I know, bettering you and your team! There is just nothing better than a beautifully styled blow dry! I'll show you how!!

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