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Karting gear can be expensive and priorities can be hard to figure out. A lot of research is required to get a decent deal, a lot more if you're looking for the perfect deal that will protect you, make you more comfortable and perform better, and don't break your bank. On this website are the results of extensive search that I had to go throught and now I'd like to share with you, for your own benefit...Happy racing!

Kart Racing Suits

After the helmet and neck collar, suits are very important especially on the outdoor tracks where the surface is grippy asphalt that turns out very painful if you find yourself sliding on it after a high speed crash with the ejection of the driver from the seat onto the track. Their antiabrasive properties are very important. Find out more and where you can get a good deal...Happy racing!

Kart Racing Gloves

Karting gloves are also important for performance and safety. Performancewise they do provide a better grip and safetywise they protect the drivers' hands in crashes and from flying debris that at high speed can be very hurtful. With so much choice online and offline this is what we recommend....Happy racing!

Kart Racing Shoes

Karting shoes are important to the driver that wants to race fast and safe, especially in outdoor karting, on abrasive surface tracks. Karting shoes also allow smoother operation of the throttle and brake pedals. There are many available at racing stores or online at racing websites. Here's what we recommend....Happy racing!
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