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Dear Readers,

After much 'arrive and drive' type of racing, I moved up to organized and competitive karting leagues and started working on improving performance in any possible way. With that, of course, came the need to think about safety as the speed and competitiveness increased as well. So here's the need for looking into every detail, including apparel and safety gear. When it came to
karting gloves, I tried a few solutions to direct my modest budget towards other items, and what I felt more comfortable with ended up being a pair of baseball batting gloves!. However, after witnessing a few odd crashes and as I kept adding proper items to my karting gear, I realized that I was giving away a cheap advantage to those that wore appropriate karting gloves. I never realized how different driving with specific go karting gloves is. You get more grip onto the steering wheel, more comfort, more feel for the kart's feedback, it improves confidence and above all, they are a lot more protective against abrasion if you crash and slide on the track and against impacts. I am happy I finally made the move, I regret not having made it sooner, and for just a few dollars as I later discovered by going to the right dealer, so I am just where I could easily have been much earlier. Plus they give a really cool and professional look, always useful when looking for sponsors, for intimidating other drivers and for adding to your confidence. Just like you are probably doing, I extensively researched the internet for the best deal. A tight budget isn't great in a competitive racing effort, I needed the absolute best deal. Best price and best performance are rarely found at in the same place, so it was a lot of work to find the right compromise. I am publishing here the results of my research, so your work can be easier and quicker, and my effort is not wasted for just one purchase. After all, I shouldn't be buying another pair of karting gloves for a while, if the deal that I found is as good as it looks, and it certainly is. I really hope that all those hours of my surfing the internet, enquiries, articles, forums, blogs, and comparing deals, brands, dealers and products, are useful to you as well, but without doing all the hassle!

In brief, I
recommend what suited me, the item, in this case the pair of kart racing gloves, the karting gear dealer that sold them, the brand and whatever I figured useful to know.

So you are
welcome to use my work for your right purchasing choice and hopefully I won't be kart racing you anytime soon. I am giving out advice that I believe will give you an advantage, hopefully not to someone competing against me! 

I would rather have you buy an mediocre
karting gloves , so you won't be able to kart race as fast as you would if you had a better ones, an extremely expensive pair so it would limit your resources for other items, and ideally this would affect your as well by missing out on other performance enhancing karting gear . Luckily the chances of my competitors finding this in time are small....(fingers crossed)
good luck and let me know if I was right about recommending the karting gloves, the company and so on!
A good pair of karting gloves that were also great value for money while getting amazing customer service which on the internet can be hard to find, for kart racing gloves, I went the same route as for the karting suit and AARgear was my fortunate choice again. Boy I love this company! I was able to race with my new gloves even if I ordered them late, as my usual. I am lucky I found AARgear and I go back to them when I need racing gear or just hoping to find a good deal, and often I do! I cannot stop thanking Stacey for the incredible service! - Marco, kart racer, Boston
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