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Dear Readers,

Most likely just like you, I started karting by using a common pair of sneakers, then, as I moved up into competitive racing and through various levels of karting, I used driving shoes, but eventually it felt like proper
kart racing shoes would help me a little bit in the competition. You feel you need them especially when you look around and everybody else has cool looking, technical karting shoes. So, worried I was losing out, I decided that I needed a pair of those karting shoes that everyone else had. I wasn't going to just look for karting shoes like everybody else's, I would at least try to find an affordable and better choice, and hopefully I would enconter a decent company with good customer service, that is always a must when you're buying an item like racing shoes that have to fit perfectly and snugly, with no room for error. If you start returning and exchanging, especially with an ordinary seller, you might end up spending a lot more in shipping, administration and restocking fees than in shoes, and shipping costs are not going to help your racing. For me this step was relatively easy because I already went through lots' of research when I bought my present karting suit, and I went straight back to the same company, AARgear, and again, it proved the best choice that I could make. I found the best deal and when money is tight, it's always great. However, you don't want to save money and go slower, as you would with uncomfortable and low quality karting shoes, also jeopardizing your safety. So I found a compromise between price and performance at AARgear. On this page is the result of my work, so your research can be easier and quicker, and my time is not wasted after what should be my only purchase for a while, after all, I spent time to figure out that these kart shoes are effective and durable, so I shouldn't be buying another pair for some time, if I've done my homework well. I really hope that all that time on the internet, emailing back and forth, analyzing reports, asking questions in forums and on blogs, looking up karting directories, and finally comparing my findings before proceeding to purchase, are helpful to you as well, but without doing all the effort!

I just
recommend what worked for me, the item, in this case the kart racing shoes, the dealer that sold it to me, the brand and anything else that may help you.

So you are
welcome to use my work to make your buying choices and hopefully I won't face you on the kart racing track anytime soon as these are what I believe the best sources online and I don't want to give you good info before karting against me!

I would rather have you buy an uncomfortable pair of
karting shoes, that make you underperform, an extremely expensive one so that it would eat into your resources and hopefully this would affect your karting by not being able to buy another item of performance enhancing karting gear,
At the same time I hope that the chances of you finding this page of advice on the internet and then karting at the same time, on the same kart track, in the same kart racing event as me, aren't very high!

good luck and let me know if I was right about recommending the karting suits, the company and so on!
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Customer Service
This is what I looked for and found online regarding the karting shoes that I needed:
And again AARgear fulfilled my needs and my expectations by providing the best deal, best brand, best pair of karting shoes at the best price and terms; anthat's all with an outstanding customer service that really makes you feel special and well served. Stacey Braithwaite at AARgear made sure that my buying experience was again smooth and fast, efficient and satisfying, and I have to thank her again for her kind service. The karting shoes that I bought are perfect and exactly what I needed to avoid conceding from the other drivers better racing gear and certainly they will give me the edge that I was looking for. - Marco, kart racer, Boston
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