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Dear Readers,

Just like other kart drivers, I needed one of those overall suits, similar to jump suits, that are generally called
karting suits for my kart racing as I decided to step up from arrive and drive racing to more competitive go kart leagues and races. And just like you I started researching the internet for the best deal. Money was tight, and in competitive karting I wanted the best for speed and safety. So to find a compromise between price and performance I endured long periods of looking, and looking and looking on the net. I am publishing here the results of my work, so your research can be easier and quicker, and my time is not wasted after my purchase, after all, I shouldn't be buying another karting suit for a while. I really hope that all those hours of my searching on the internet, exchange of emails, reading of reports, forum posting, blogs, and finally comparisons right before the purchase, are useful to you as well, but without doing all the work!

I just
recommend what worked for me, the item, in this case the kart racing suit, the dealer that sold it, the brand and any other useful info.

So you are
welcome to use my work to make your purchasing choices and hopefully I won't be kart racing you anytime soon as these are what i believe the best sources online and I don't want to give you good advice before kart racing against me! 

I would rather have you buy an uncomfortable
karting suit, so you won't be able to race karts as fast as you would if you had a more comfortable one, an extremely expensive one so it would eat into your budget and hopefully this would affect your kart racing as well by missing out on other performance enhancing karting gear, but I hope that the chances of you findng this page on the internet and then kart racing at the same time, on the same karting track, in the same karting event as me, aren't very high!

good luck and let me know if I was right about recommending the karting suits, the company and so on!
I could not have had a better experience in choosing and purchasing a good karting suit that was also value for money and at the same time getting oustanding customer service which on the internet is not always so easy to find. I was able to race competitively with my new suit even
if I ordered it at the last possible minute. I am delighted I found AARgear and I always go back to their website when I need racing gear or even when I am just hoping to find a good deal, and often I do! I cannot stop thanking Stacey for the incredible service! - Marco, kart racer, Boston
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