Competitive Karting and Indoor Karting in USA:
this website and all others in the same network are about karting in all its forms, and in particular Indoor Karting which is growing faster than many other forms of entertainment and motorsports. Below are links to various sources of the karting and indoor karting world that can be useful to all drivers, teams, track owners, enthusiasts, and so on. Plus there are links to many of the generous sponsors of Marco brunicardi's racing efforts in karting and indoor karting in America.
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Karting is a fast growing sport that brings affordable racing to all autoracing enthusiasts since the 1950s. As a destination or as a stepping stone towards higher levels of autosports, kids only a few years old compete as well as seniors in an extremely competitive sport all over the world. Indoor karting, as the version of karting that happens indoors is even more affordable and is allowed no matter the weather outside, very convenient for extremely hot or cold, wet or windy places. Hop over to your local kart track and see what karts they race with, what are the classes (weights, ages, experience), look at their specific regulations and the general ones that are imposed by the karting organization to which they are affiliated. Talk to karting track owners and staff, other kart drivers and team managers, they are usually very helpful with novice racers and they'll be glad to help and point you in the right direction. The more you hang out at the facilities, the more you'll learn about karting and the community around it even before you jump into one! Make sure that before you start you have all the right karting gear, such as a good helmet for karting, because racing is never fun if not taken seriously regarding safety.

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